“The Oaks is a great place for those who need help. I have been at The Oaks for five years and this is my home and they are my family.”
-Mary Jane H., Resident Council President

“The Oaks has the best rehab team and I’m going back home soon because of them.”
-Eugene K., short term rehab patient

“I was admitted to The Oaks for wound care and rehabilitation, not knowing if I would ever heal. Now I’m at home and doing better than I have done in years. The Oaks’ is the top of the line.”
-Donald S., short term rehab patient

“I enjoy being at The Oaks. It’s a great place of be if you need help taking care of yourself. They treat you like family.”
-Robert T., resident

“I have received the best nursing and rehabilitation care. My wife has been able to be involved in my recovery. She eats her meals with me. The Oaks makes us feel at home.”
-Edward H., resident